Webinar Equine ophtalmology

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A Case of Ocular Pain in a Horse <br> Equine keratomycosis



Springer Articles

  • Corneal cross-linking in 9 horses with ulcerative keratitis ...
  • Experimental study on cryotherapy for fungal corneal ulcer ...
  • Listeria monocytogenes associated kerato-conjunctivitis in four horses in Norway ...
  • Mycotic keratitis caused by concurrent infections of exserohilum mcginnisii and candida parapsilosis ...
  • Nasal and ocular amyloidosis in a 15-year-old horse ...

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Today's Veterinary Practice - Official journal of the NAVC - Sep/Oct 2017
Today's Veterinary Practice - Official journal of the NAVC - Jan/Feb 2018
Today's Veterinary Practice - Official journal of the NAVC - May/Jun 2018

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About the author

Dr Maria Vanore
Moocs Specialized In Ophtalmology Small Animal And Large Animal

She is Specialized in ophthalmology and professor at the faculty of veterinary medicine Ste-Hyacinthe of the University of Montreal in Canada. Diplomat European College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists